Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do you charge?
A: Prices start at $95 which includes the first hour of labor, minus drive time

Q: Can I supply my own materials?
A: Sure! Often, we have customers who want to pick out or supply their own materials. For example, we are happy to assist with installation of equipment like ceiling fans.

Q: Do you keep basic supplies with you?
A: Yes; we try to always keep common supplies on the truck. Supplies over $10 are usually billed approximately 50% over cost.

Q: Can you help me finish a project that has already been started?
A: Of course! Many people just need a little help with DIY projects, and we are happy to assist!

Q: Do you do commercial work?
A: Yes, many small businesses and large corporations need a little help from time to time. Often, it is more efficient for us to fix a door, or replace a set of blinds, or even hang a whiteboard, than it is to assign company staff to the job.

Q: Do you take after hours or emergency calls?
A: We currently do not have the staff to handle emergency calls for new customers. Please feel free to send a text message at any time, and we will return the message as soon as we can. Emergency calls are billed at 2x normal rate.

Q: My garbage disposal stopped working. What do you charge to fix it?
A: There are numerous things that can cause a garbage disposal to stop working. We would need to come out to diagnose the problem, and often can get the current disposal working again for a service fee. However, if the disposal needs to be replaced in the next 30 days, we will replace it and apply the cost of the initial fee to the cost of replacement.